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Marian Osher

Rona photography Painter


Marian Osher Painter

Rona photography Marian Osher had double vision until she had an eye operation at the age of four. With “new eyes” she delighted in a world of vision where she could see the single shapes of all things. And then she began to draw.

Rona photography “That was probably the beginning of becoming an artist. Processing and transforming what I see, and sharing what it means to me through my art helps define who I am.”

Rona photography Regardless whether her approach is figurative or borders on abstraction, Marian enjoys experimenting with painting, mixed-media and printmaking, using water-soluble environmentally friendly media. She listens to music to enhance the process of letting go that leads her to intuitive color choices. She usually works thematically on a body of artwork that provides new insights and opportunities for personal growth.

Rona photography “As I continue to evolve as a person, my art is like a river running through my life, taking new directions, influenced and inspired by my life’s experiences. I feel that art has helped me to become a more spiritual person, enabling me to feel the connection that we have with each other and with all of nature.”

Rona photography Born in Philadelphia, Marian has lived most of her life in Maryland. She received her BA (U of MD) and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Printmaking (GWU). Her 27 solo shows include 6 shows in NYC. Her artwork has been shown in numerous group exhibitions in the U.S., and in international shows in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Germany, Italy, and India.

Rona photography Marian is a resident artist at Artists and Makers Studios in Rockville, MD. She is also a private art instructor and consultant.