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Sandy Reay, Jewelry, Photographs, Paintings, Illustrations

Rona photography Sandy has not decided what she wants to be when she grows up, so she does what interests her. She builds web sites, plays music; writes songs, poems, novels, and non-fiction; takes photographs; and, most recently, makes jewelry.

Rona photography Her jewelry includes fine silver made from Precious Metal Clay, fused glass, glass enamel, beads, stones, leather, wood, and found and recycled objects. Like her mosaics and decorated furniture, her jewelry is eclectic.

Rona photography Sandy loves to collaborate. It's no surprise that she collaborates with Calisse Brown, Silver Linings Jewelry. Calisse ecouraged Sandy to learn to make jewelry from silver Precious Metal Clay and to fuse dichroic glass into pendants and cabochons. From there, Sandy added glass enamel work. The two collaborated on glass enamel bears. Calisse cut copper for the the bears, at Sandy's request, and they both fused glass enamel on the bears.

Rona photography Rona Golfen's photos inspired Sandy to write two poems, "The Old Iron Hinge," which was published on CowboyPoetry.com, and "My Dream."

Rona photography Sandy asked BJ Suter to illustrate a child's poem about animals. BJ returned the poem with a 6th verse, a chorus, and a melody, but no illustrations. They cowrote two more songs, which can be found on Sandy's CD, "I Wanted to Fly." Their cowritten songs are "Free Fall," "State Line Cafe," and "Car Full of Collies."

Rona photography Sandy and BJ also collaborated on a decorated chair.

Rona photography Her paintings, while limited in number, have been used for a CD cover and web site logo. Her photographs have been used on various web sites and on CD artwork.